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Perfect Captions Ideas

I posted about Perfect Captions in Presentation Tools last month. However, I wanted to revisit it because some other ideas are starting to come to mind as I visit classrooms.
My most recent visit using this app was with Mrs. Crabill's first grade classroom at South Side. In fact, it was just this morning. Mrs. Crabill's desire was to make this app a part of the kids regular routine with Daily Five literacy instruction. The purpose of this activity was to have the kids write their interesting words and email it. To make it more engaging and creative, we used Perfect Captions. The students took a picture of the book they were to read. Then while the students read, they made a caption on the picture and recorded the words they found interesting. Interesting words could vary from unfamiliar words, to large words, or just words that were difficult for them to decode. When they were finished, they emailed the captioned picture to their teacher. This allowed the teacher to see the book and the interesting words they listed.

Now, I know that the students could very easily just email a list of words. However, I'm looking for more unique and creative ways to create the same product. This will teach our kids that they are able to use a variety of outlets to accomplish tasks.

So I am looking for other ways that this could be easily integrated into literacy instruction. In the month of December, we had students sharing what they liked about a book. Now I'm looking for ideas directly related to your literacy instruction.