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Kidblog Map

Many teachers are starting to utilize Kidblog as a digital resource in their classroom. It happens to be one of my favorite digital tools yet. One idea is to use it as a digital portfolio. Kids could take pictures of their work and post it using the Kidblog App. They could also save pictures of their digital content that they create and post it. The Kidblog map I created is intended for younger students to know how to post their work that they have saved in their camera roll. So if you are interested in using Kidblog and are dealing with younger students, this may be a good resource to show to your kids, print off and display in the classroom, or even send a pdf version to them so that they can look at it on their own device.

Here is the link.


  1. Here is a resource that may be of use to those of you interesting in doing a blog:


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