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TodaysMeet happens to be one of my favorite sites to use when traveling from classroom to classroom. (That and any site that works on all devices is a friend to me.) I typically use TodaysMeet when I want to generate a class dialogue using their devices. It has been about cyberbullying, digital footprints, or even what restaraunt they wish they could have in school. It is a great place to start to train students how to speak online. The reason? You can set the site to last as long as you want. If you want it for a day, you can set it for the day, and it will be gone tomorrow. I do not have to create accounts for all the students. They do not need a password. I can create it, send the link to the site, and be done with it.

If you are interested in doing some blogging or online discussion, but do not want to invest the time to setup nor maintain a blog, I would recommend checking TodaysMeet out.