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Bill Atkinson PhotoCard

How many ways could you incorporate sending postcards in the classroom? Many teachers already have students write letters or postcards for students to share their knowledge, write to characters, and ultimately produce a product that is usable for assessment. The Bill Atkinson PhotoCard app is intended to be used so that you can have real photo-cards made, however, the user can save their work to their camera roll as well. Since it can be saved to the camera roll, this allows the students to then email the product to their teacher.

There is one little hiccup in using the app. I have found that it really likes to suggest that you signup for an account so that you can purchase photo-cards. The students will need to be trained to cancel that action when it comes up. That is the price one pays when attempting to use an app intended for business in the education realm.

However, the products are great and might be well worth your time.

Here is a YouTube from Bill introducing his app!


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  2. Here is a link to a video tutorial for students to use:


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