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Help Guides

I have been working lately on quite a few "help guides" that will hopefully make things a little smoother. They can all be found on the Peer Coach Resource page . However, I thought it might be good to blog about it as well. Mrs. Baker at South Side Elementary brought it to my attention that it is often so confusing when a teacher receives a new student. It is hard to remember all the things they might need to include when getting an iPad going. It is often hard to remember how to go about doing all those things that may need included. So I put together a really long document that hopefully will be useful to you. It has quick links to different pages so that you do not have to rooting through the whole document to find answers. I call this document, "The New Student Pack."  The beauty of it all is that since I created it through Google Docs, you will always have the most updated version. I do not have to continually email you new ones. You can view this on your comp


Teachers that do not have wireless projectors sometimes find that they become frustrated by the inability to be within proximity of their students. All educators have had classes where that proximity was essential in their day to day efforts to manage the classroom. Doceri  is an iPad app that allows the teacher to control their laptop and actually write on the screen. How is this useful? The laptop can remain plugged into a projector while the teacher can remotely control it from their iPad. Thus allowing the teacher to roam the classroom, assist students, and even have students respond directly from their iPad. It also requires a download from Please let Zack or myself know if you are interested in using this tool. [youtube=]

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse has provided a bunch of free books that would work well for your kindergarten and first grade students. The books are interactive and they also provide some examples of traditional literature. I have nine of them linked on my Pinterest account. (Yes, I am afraid I just said I have a Pinterest account.)


Interested in knowing more about Youtube and how you can use it as an East Noble teacher? Look no further. The following presentation included features Youtube has to offer for video editing. It also includes how to embed the video within the Edline (Blackboard Exchange) website.

Has Symbaloo Run Away?

Frequently, I get a request to put Symbaloo back on someone's iPod/iPad because they cannot find it in the App Store. Well, there is a problem. Symbaloo is not an app. It is only a website. In fact, all teachers could make their own Symbaloo by going to Zack and I merely created a Symbaloo page for every grade level so that the staff of East Noble can use Symbaloo without spending a lot of time making their own. However, making your own would allow you to tailor it to your class needs. So if your students accidentally delete the symbaloo link from their device, the following should be good information for you to know: Here is the address to access all the East Noble Elementary Peer Coach Symbaloo Pages: If you would like detailed instructions on how to install it on a device if it is missing or if you get a brand new student:

Welcome to Mooresville

Mooresville, NC is the location of our Teaming for Transformation conference. Here we are finding out about the journey taken by Mooresville schools toward becoming a 1:1 district. Since they have been participating for a few more years than East Noble, this has been a great opportunity to see how we measure up. The good news is that we are doing very similar things in our classrooms. It is very encouraging. So, great work East Noble teachers as you have been doing a great job preparing our students for using technology as a tool for learning!