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Story Kit

Story Kit still remains one of my favorite apps to use in the classroom. Yesterday I had the opportunity to introduce it to two first grade classrooms at Avilla Elementary. It took a little time to get things going, but once the students got started, they were quickly able to complete a small e-book with text, pictures, and audio. The project was to create a five senses book. Prior to yesterday, both classes took a walk outside to find things that they can hear, see, touch, and smell. (They had to take a picture of something to taste later so that we could discourage them from tasting objects outside!) Yesterday, they used the pictures saved in their camera roll to make a short book. The results were great, and the best part is that the app no longer continually crashes on the students as they use it.

Here is an example that I particularly liked. The student didn't exactly record what was written, but it was too much fun so I couldn't resist sharing. 

Five Senses Book


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