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I recently collaborated with a number of Kindergarten...

I recently collaborated with a number of Kindergarten teachers about getting the classroom set of iPods setup on WiFi. They also wanted to get their email accounts inputted into the devices. These were tasks that Zack and I tediously accomplished last year for many classrooms. I don't know how many email addresses I setup, but I was starting to dream about it at night! This year I have a new suggestion: ask current fifth graders to help you input the information. Why fifth graders you ask? Last year, these students used iPads, and most of them setup their own email accounts. You wouldn't need a lot of helpers. Just ask a fifth grade teacher if you can borrow three or four of his/her students for about half an hour. I have created directions that the students can use to get the iPods up and running. You can locate and email these directions to them by using the following link:
If you highlight the link, right-click, and copy the address, you will be able to paste it in an email and send it to the helpers so that they can use their laptops as a reference guide. No need to print and waste valuable ink.

The directions, however, are missing a key component: that is the passwords. Please, if you have student helpers, do not have them put the actual passwords for the email accounts into the devices. They should not have access to this information. What will need to happen is that you or another adult will need to finish the job by putting the passwords into the devices. Yes, this is a tedious task, however, it should save you valuable time since the password is the only information you should have to put into the devices. Here are the directions for putting in the passwords: