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Brainpop and Brainpop Jr.

I normally place app reviews under the various subject areas, however, Brainpop covers all subject areas. Brainpop has not been a secret to East Noble School Corporation, but I want to be sure that all teachers are aware that we do have membership access to all videos. This is especially exciting since a Brainpop Jr. app was released for iOS devices this summer. I have already introduced the apps to a few classrooms so that students feel comfortable navigating and are able to sign in using the East Noble username and password. There is also a teacher username and password so that teachers may view the materials outside of school hours. Please contact Zack or myself if you need account information or would like assistance with getting students to use the login. Below are pictures showing the screens that will appear when a login is required. Take some time to look over the materials Brainpop offers. It is a great resource.