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What if My Apps are Gone?

What if My Apps are Gone? Occasionally Zack and I have had an email from a teacher that claims that the apps are not on the sync cart computer in their building. This does happen from time to time because something happened to the Macbook, and it had to be cleaned off. Don't worry, your apps are not gone. This link will provide directions on how to get them back onto the computer so you that you can sync your devices once again.

Story Kit

Story Kit still remains one of my favorite apps to use in the classroom. Yesterday I had the opportunity to introduce it to two first grade classrooms at Avilla Elementary. It took a little time to get things going, but once the students got started, they were quickly able to complete a small e-book with text, pictures, and audio. The project was to create a five senses book. Prior to yesterday, both classes took a walk outside to find things that they can hear, see, touch, and smell. (They had to take a picture of something to taste later so that we could discourage them from tasting objects outside!) Yesterday, they used the pictures saved in their camera roll to make a short book. The results were great, and the best part is that the app no longer continually crashes on the students as they use it. Here is an example that I particularly liked. The student didn't exactly record what was written, but it was too much fun so I couldn't resist sharing.  Five Senses Book

Directions for Getting to Tumblebooks (Kindergarten and First Grade Teachers)

I recently made a document that you could print out and hang on your wall to assist students in finding the Tumblebooks link. There are quite a few steps, so it might be helpful for your students to use it as a guide. This is mostly applicable to East Noble students using iPods. Feel free to use as necessary. Also, for this to apply to your classroom, you need to be using the Symbaloo links that Zack and I created. You can get those working on your iPods by viewing this link:


Videolicious has been one of my favorite apps over the past year. It provides teachers with the ability to have quick video projects so that students do not have to spend a lot of time making a quality product. I was working with Mrs. Erexson's second graders today, and I discovered that some dramatic changes had been made to this app. It now includes the option to change the pictures manually and does not appear to have the time constraints the original had. I also found that it allows the user to adjust the volume level of the background music which was also preset on the original version. Here are the basics of the app: 1. Select pictures 2. The students record his/herself discussing the pictures 3. Choose background music Here is a basic preview for what the app can do: Videolicious Preview

Brainpop and Brainpop Jr.

I normally place app reviews under the various subject areas, however, Brainpop covers all subject areas. Brainpop has not been a secret to East Noble School Corporation, but I want to be sure that all teachers are aware that we do have membership access to all videos. This is especially exciting since a Brainpop Jr. app was released for iOS devices this summer. I have already introduced the apps to a few classrooms so that students feel comfortable navigating and are able to sign in using the East Noble username and password. There is also a teacher username and password so that teachers may view the materials outside of school hours. Please contact Zack or myself if you need account information or would like assistance with getting students to use the login. Below are pictures showing the screens that will appear when a login is required. Take some time to look over the materials Brainpop offers. It is a great resource.

I recently collaborated with a number of Kindergarten...

I recently collaborated with a number of Kindergarten teachers about getting the classroom set of iPods setup on WiFi. They also wanted to get their email accounts inputted into the devices. These were tasks that Zack and I tediously accomplished last year for many classrooms. I don't know how many email addresses I setup, but I was starting to dream about it at night! This year I have a new suggestion: ask current fifth graders to help you input the information. Why fifth graders you ask? Last year, these students used iPads, and most of them setup their own email accounts. You wouldn't need a lot of helpers. Just ask a fifth grade teacher if you can borrow three or four of his/her students for about half an hour. I have created directions that the students can use to get the iPods up and running. You can locate and email these directions to them by using the following link: