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The Electric Company: Feel Electric

The Electric Company: Feel Electric completely focuses on emotions and feelings. However, it is great for building vocabulary. The students can select how they feel each day and keep a running record of it. If they are not sure what an emotion means, they simply can hold down on it to view and hear the definition. There are also other activities a lot like Mad Libs. The students select various words and the app applies the words to a story. The story is then read aloud to the user as they have the text in front of them to follow along. A lot of potential for primary grades in building reading skills within an app that builds character.

iPad/iPod Numbers

Here's a great concept: make student numbers the background on the ipads! Then you can easily see if students have the correct device and also makes it obvious if the students have been changing the background images. (Which they love to do instead of use their device for learning.) I cannot take credit for this idea. It actually was given to me by Michelle Yoder, who found it on this site  by a teacher named "Jennifer Magiera." I only made my own collection of them because the East Noble filter was blocking Ms. Magiera's website on the iPads/iPods due to it being a blog. So I decided to just house the pictures myself. The following document shows the steps to making the numbers appear on the background of the iOS devices: Making iPad Numbers on the Background.

East Noble Symbaloo

Symbaloo is a great resource if you have a variety of websites you would like the students to access, or if you have a website you quickly want the students to access. This eliminates the need to make bookmarks on each device as you sit at your own computer, make a link, and update every student device with one click of a button. Zack and I have taken some time to make a few collections for grade levels. We are always willing to help the teachers of East Noble by accepting suggestions for links or organization. We can make a link permanent or keep one up for just a few days if needed. To access the East Noble elementary peer coach Symbaloo links, visit . If you would like specific instructions on how to have your students install them on their iPod, iPad, or laptop, click here . If you would rather make your own, create an account at . It is free! Then look for this banner: Look for your grade level: Try some of the links: I also cre

Spelling City

Spelling City has been a great resource for teachers and spelling practice for quite some time. However, since k-4 teachers in East Noble School Corporation are using iOS devices, Spelling City has been used on a limited basis. Recently, an app was released!  This is exciting news. Here in this review, I will discuss using the teacher account, as well as the iPad app. This is also based upon using the services on a free basis. However, there is a subscription that allows the teacher to have more control and data collection. [gallery link="file" columns="5" orderby="title"] On the student side: Video review of the Spelling City App

Knight-Time Technology Conference

East Noble School Corporation just wrapped up the first ever Knight-Time Technology conference over the last three days. We had many talented individuals share their insights and experiences with integrating technology in the classroom. We also had the opportunity to make new friends as we had numerous visitors from outside of the district participate. I want to thank anyone that was involved in some way. It was a lot of fun sharing some of the treasures Zack and I have come across as we scour the technology world looking for the best (don't forget free) resources out there. Please keep in mind that many of the resources that were collected will continue to be stored here . Feel free to come back anytime to check out anything you may have missed.