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Rocket Speller

Rocket Speller is a free app for both the iPod and iPad. It is geared more towards the primary levels. The thing I like most about this app (other than it being free) is it does not allow the student to put the letters in the wrong order. It does sound silly that I am making a big deal about that issue, however, many of the spelling apps I have come across allow the user to put the letters in the middle or end of the word in first. When teachers give their students spelling words to practice, we expect the student to spell the word left to right. App designers should have the same expectation. The app features four levels of difficulty. The first two levels have the letters already in order; so the students just have to match the letters together to spell the word correctly. The last two levels do not have this feature, which will make it more appropriate for your more advanced spellers. As the students spell the words, they are able to get parts to a rocket. Once they get all the parts, they are able to launch the rocket and collect as many stars as possible during the flight.[gallery columns="5"]