Wednesday, May 23, 2012


If you are a 1:1 technology school with iPads or iPods, Nearpod is an absolute must. Imagine creating your lessons with presentation slides that your students view on their own device. Imagine it only going to the slide you send to them so that they cannot flip forward or backward. Imagine being able to add in questions for them to answer by handwriting, drawing, multiple choice, typing, circling, or underlining and having the responses all go to your iPad (in alphabetical order to boot) with their names and responses side by side. Imagine being able to take one of those responses, send it out to the student iPads (or iPods) for them to view so that you can discuss it. Sounds pretty engaging for students, doesn't it?

Check out this video to get a better picture:


The link I included for you is the teacher version. The students have their own version and that can be found by clicking here. The students must have the student version to connect to your iPad. To get an account, you must get it through your iPad. Once you have done that, you can download existing presentations. However, to create your own, you will have to go to the Nearpod website with a laptop or desktop computer and "upgrade your account." I think think the reason they do this is to make it clear that you have to create your own presentations on their website, not on your iPad app.

Here is how you can create a presentation:


Lastly, here is a video for you to see students and teachers using the app in the classroom. The testimonials are very accurate as I have attempted to use this app myself on a couple of instances. This app can replace the need for paper and pencil assessments as you can easily incorporate questions in a digital manner.