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Totes M' Notes

Totes m' Notes is a great way to get away from paper and pencil note taking. You could really use this in any subject area, but I placed in in language because of how some of our teachers in East Noble have been using it. You may want to contact Angie Sibert and Andrea Everage if you have questions about the implementation of this app. They have been using it for a reader's notebook and word study folder.
The whole idea is that you have virtual folders that the students are able to design (yes, it has stickers). Then the students can keep track of notes based upon those folders. It even time stamps and dates the last time the paper was edited. You have a choice of lined, grid, or blank paper to meet various subject areas. You also have a marker, pen, pencil, and a word processor for the actual note taking.
When the students are finished, you can have them email the paper to you. It comes in the form of a PDF so that you could grade it in Type on PDF or neu.annotate. (There are various PDF writing apps.) When you are finished grading, you could email it right back to them. Otherwise, you could use it strictly as a note taking tool.