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SumDog is a great website for math-fact practice. It takes math and puts it into a great interactive format because the games are fun, competitive, and many require strategy. Creating an account is free (which is what I will show you). Detailed reports require a paid membership. This site does work on the iPad, however, you must use the Rover app to use it because it is Flash-based. (As of 4/23/2012, Rover is not working on the East Noble network.)

First, you start out with creating a class and the students get a username and password. You do have the ability to adjust their passwords.


Once the students login, you will be able to see how many games they have played and questions they have answered. A paid membership will give detailed information as to what areas are their strengths and weaknesses.

Now about the games...

Your students compete against random students in a variety of interactive games. Some of them require strategy along with their ability to answer math problems quickly so students will not bore quickly.  Not only do the games force students to practice basic math facts, but apply those skills to more difficult math problems: Adding and subtracting larger numbers, decimals, fractions, doubling, halves, etc. The game below is called "Junk Pile." When the student chooses the correct answer, they get a random piece of junk. The aim of the game is to have the highest stack in the end. However, if you do not stack correctly, your pile may tip over, which effects your ability to win against your competition.


How are your students enjoying Share a comment/reply and let the readers know how it is working for you.




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