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Storylines for Schools

I am happy to announce that Storylines for Schools is now working on the East Noble Network. I posted about this app way back in February, but we had quite a few issues with it being blocked. If you would like to know more about it, my old post is found here.  Please make sure you download the Storylines for Schools version. There is a regular Storylines app that is for the public to play.

[caption id="attachment_58" align="alignnone" width="225" caption="Storylines is like playing telephone with sentences and pictures."]Storylines for Schools[/caption]



  1. I attempted this app for the first time with Mrs. Yoder's first graders yesterday. They really enjoyed it, but she had a few students that were jamming up their entire group. They either would get mad because they didn't know what to draw, or they weren't sure how to properly take turns by passing the devices around. This made the students that were paying attention and wanted to play the game very frustrated . I would recommend talking about fairness and how important it is that they try to be fair to their group by making things run smoothly. It doesn't matter if they do not fully understand the sentence that was written; they need to try to illustrate it anyway for the sake of their entire group. I think it will take time for some of the students to understand this, but the groups that were able to finish quickly enjoyed the reward of seeing the final project.


  3. Probably should specify that this was a fourth grader's example. :) Leave it to fourth graders to make it end up in this direction...

  4. And specify who was the adult in the room with them during this activity :)


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