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This week we have been consumed with getting the online practice ISTEP to work properly. We have been spending a lot of time uninstalling and reinstalling the program, attempting to communicate with the technology department on the issues, and working around our latest network changes. This includes not being able to access Google and iTunes which we use on a daily basis.
Many of you are wondering what the issues are, and Zack and I cannot really give you a straightforward answer. What I do know is that Rick has been working hard to reconfigure the new filter for our network. At some point in time, we will be better off than before.
We will continue to attempt to add materials to this website, but it will be a little more limited because we never really know when we will be able to access it. I also have found it to be helpful if I download a plethora of apps in the evening so that I can test them while the network is not cooperating with us.
Nevertheless, we will continue posting about apps and websites as we are able to gain access to them. I am confident that we will be able to assist you in getting these apps onto your devices in the future but cannot give you a definite timeline.
We also added a few new sections as an attempt to better suit your needs. The "Teacher Tools" section will cover apps or websites that may serve as a resource to you as a teacher. The "Special Education" section has not had a contribution added as of yet, but we will be looking for materials to add there. If you have any recommendations, feel free to contribute via email.
Lastly, if you have tried any of the apps that are posted here, tell us about them. We want to hear about it. (This is not limited to East Noble employees.) Feel free to click on the option to comment on any of the posts.