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Storylines for Schools

Last week I came across a fun app that I think would work great for students that need to work on sentence writing. Storylines is actually a game I had played with a bunch of friends over Christmas Break. There was a large group of people, and each of us had a packet of papers all bound together with a ring so that the pages would easily flip. We started out by writing a sentence on the first page. After about a minute, we passed the booklet to the next person. That person would read the sentence, flip the page, and illustrate the sentence. After about a minute, we would all pass the papers around the circle to the next person, and that person would observe the illustration. As soon as they were ready, they had to attempt to write a sentence that matched the drawing. It is kind of like the old telephone game, except everyone participated at the same time, and we had paper and pencils.

Storylines is exactly the same except in app form. (By the way, I am referring to Storylines for Schools. Not the regular Storylines app.) The students could sit in circles of three, five, seven, or nine. They would start by writing a sentence. Then when the teacher directs, they could pass it clockwise to the next person, and that student would have to illustrate it. The third person would then write a sentence describing the illustration. They would continue to do this until they get their device back. In the end, they will get some wacky sentences and illustrations. I think the kids will love it! It would even make a fun activity for morning work.

Here is a slideshow to give you an idea of how it works:


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