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Scribble Press (Part II)


Yes, I have spoken about Scribble Press before, but now I want to show you what it can really do. This app really has a lot of potential for some exciting projects. (This is an iPad only app.) I stopped by Mrs. Jackson's class (third grade) today and she happened to mention to me the work her students are doing with Scribble Press. She has students using it to create stories, make illustrations, and even create non-fiction style pieces. I have a couple of examples for you to check out:

Martin Luther King Jr.

The Crazy Monkey

You could make about any project in your classroom come to life with this app. Students can easily record events for a science project, make a book about a social studies topic, create picture vocabulary books, or even show story problems in math.

Thanks, Mrs. Jackson, for sharing these with me today. I love seeing cool projects the students are creating. Keep them coming! :)



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