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QR Codes

While Zack and I were at the FETC conference, some creative ideas started flowing and now we have a big project in mind. Many of you have used a QR code scanner on your iPad or smartphone. If you haven't tried it, there are plenty of free ones in the app store. What a QR scanner does is send text or a URL to the device and the device decodes it for you. What we are thinking about doing is creating a database of books being read aloud. So far our only recordings are of me (Lance) reading a few various books. We would like more participants eventually. We would like teachers, students, and parents to record themselves reading one of their favorite picture books, and sending it to us in mp3 format. (If you are not sure how to do that, instructions will come in the future.) We will then take the files, host them on a website, and create QR codes for each of the links. The codes would be taped to books so that the students can just use their iPod/iPad to scan it, and they would be sent away to stream the audio for the book. (They wouldn't have to type in a single web address!) This will be a huge project and we are only in its infancy. Information about how you can help us make it happen will come in the future!

If you are not sure what I mean, download a QR scanner on your mobile device and scan this code to get a better idea. I would recommend using the Microsoft Tag App.