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Legal Pictures???

One of the big topics that has been flying around the Internet realm is the question of legal online property. We have all been guilty (especially me) of grabbing a picture from Google, Yahoo, Bing, you name it without giving proper credit. Believe it or not, many of those pictures are not fair game. It reminds me of the year 1999 when Napster was big. Tons of people were downloading music for free...because it was there. Now the same question has come up about images and who owns the rights to that property.

As I've been doing some digging, I started making a list of good educational websites (will forward to it to you by request). I came across one called Morgue File. If you are having your students download pictures for projects, this site provides free pictures. You can also give credit where credit is due if need be. It gives directions on how to go about doing that.

I have tested it a little as to the "safety" for our young ones' eyes. Thus far, I have found fewer issues than using Bing. However, that doesn't mean that someone couldn't just upload some inappropriate pictures. Please be aware that the internet is always changing, and such things happen because we will always have people that ruin it for everyone else. I hope that the content of this website stays fairly "clean." Have I found some materials that are not the safest, yes.

Another website that is more on the safe side but does not have near the library is Again, this is a site dedicated to free image content. This site does more filtering and is more careful about what is posted.



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