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Back in Action

I found it interesting yesterday as I was conversing with one of my friends outside of the educational realm that he noticed there has not been an update to the blog in a long time. I guess I just assumed only teachers bothered to read my blubberings about what Zack and I are up to. So Rob, here is the update you have just been dying to read!!!

This post will be full of various things that Zack and I are in the process of doing. You could view it as an opportunity to get ideas of how to apply lots of different strategies you are already using in your classroom. So here we go!


Part of the reason Zack and I were out of commision for so long is because we were updating the iOS on the iPods/iPads. We had to update the iOS because the new version of Pages (which Kay so gracoiusly purchased for grades 2-4) would not run. Pages is a word processing app and provides a lot of opportunities for creativity. I worked with a couple of 4th grade classrooms today. They loved trying different effects to their pictures, using shapes as text boxes, and trying to come up with a unique design. I find it to be almost a cross between using Word and Publisher at the same time. I am still learning how to use it, but Zack and I are definitely availble to assist your classroom in using it. We would also love the opportunity to introduce some of the features of it to your class.

Scribble Press

Scribble Press:

Scribble Press is an app Zack and I have not said too much about. I created a review on some of the features of the app, but have not spent a lot of time promoting it. Zack and I tried to get it on the student accounts in case it is not free for long. It is also a publishing app for the iPad. It is also web-based, so those using regular desktop or laptop computers will be able to access it at You can access the virtual tour here. You can also see the review I wrote here. (I used Pages to create it by the way.)

Readers' Theatre:

Readers' Theatre is by no means something new. There is a fun and exciting way you can spice it up now with the new technology we have. Using apps like Photo to PDF or Doc Scan, you can create your own PDF files using the camera on the iPad2. Then you could set up those PDF files on your website or email them to the students so that they have a script right on their ipad. They could use iBooks to store the script, or even Type on PDF so that they can mark and highlight important parts. If you love Readers' Theatre, please let Zack or I know so that we can make this happen for you. (P.S. I have a few Readers' Theatre samples on the peer coach site.)

Garage Band: (Listening Centers)

Every MacBook in the elementary buildings has Garageband installed, and you can use it to create your own listening center. Yesterday I was at Rome City and tested it out. I recorded myself reading There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick, and used my iPod chime sound as the signal to turn the pages. Then I was able to drag the sound file into the teacher's iTunes account and sync it to all her iPods! Instant listening center on the iPods! Maybe if I get a chance, I will have Mrs. Millus send the recording to me so that I can attach it here for all to hear...or maybe not. :)

I hope you found this blogpost to be helpful. Maybe it will spark some ideas in your mind. Zack and I are ready to help you, however, you'll have to wait a week because Zack and I are going to the FETC conference next week. I'll be sure to update from there!


  1. Great blog! Caught up on it this week and I really find it useful and interesting. Peer Coaches are amazing! Thank-you!



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