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Back in Action

I found it interesting yesterday as I was conversing with one of my friends outside of the educational realm that he noticed there has not been an update to the blog in a long time. I guess I just assumed only teachers bothered to read my blubberings about what Zack and I are up to. So Rob, here is the update you have just been dying to read!!! This post will be full of various things that Zack and I are in the process of doing. You could view it as an opportunity to get ideas of how to apply lots of different strategies you are already using in your classroom. So here we go! Pages: Part of the reason Zack and I were out of commision for so long is because we were updating the iOS on the iPods/iPads. We had to update the iOS because the new version of Pages (which Kay so gracoiusly purchased for grades 2-4) would not run. Pages is a word processing app and provides a lot of opportunities for creativity. I worked with a couple of 4th grade classrooms today. They loved trying different