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Updating to iOS5

Zack and I are in the long tedious process of updating the student iPods/iPads to iOS 5. There is one major benefit to all this busywork: wireless updating. From now on, the students can update the operating system on their devices through the wireless internet. Right now (according to the pictures that are posted below) we have to plug each device into a computer, download the iOS, and then put the devices into the sync cart to put the apps back on the devices. The reason we have to use all these computers is that you can only update one device at a time on  any computer. That includes our sync cart that allows you to put apps on 30 devices simultaneously. (Makes a lot of sense...huh?) Hopefully we will finish before Christmas break. Then once January kicks in, we can spend some time showing the benefits of iOS5.

Using the iPad Synccart

This is to put the apps back onto the student devices.

Multiple Computers to Update 2

Multiple Computers to Update 1