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Edmodo and Learning New Tricks

Edmodo is looking to really change classrooms. It provides teachers with the opportunity to receive instant results in a poll, quiz, assignments, group discussions etc... It really can become an online classroom. I think most teachers at the elementary level are thinking that this could be a great tool for guided reading groups. You could communicate the group expectations and directions all online, carry a conversation with them, and allow the students to collaborate on projects and ideas.

Last week, I introduced the website to some 4th graders. As they were discussion a poll I had created, the students were having to scroll all the way to the top of the website. When over 30 replies occurred, it really started to crowd the page and make it long! As I was telling the students to flick their finger so that they could get to the top of the page, a student stopped me and said, "Mr. Yoder, you just have to tap on the black bar at the top of the page and it will go straight to the top." I had him show me, and sure enough when you are on a website, if you tap around where the clock is located, it will take you to the top of a website. The things we can learn from our own students always surprises me. It reminded me that even though I do not know everything about an iPad, the students will continue to make discoveries just by using them and I need to make the most of that resource!