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Getting Ready for October 13th

Thursday is a very big day. The peer coaches of East Noble School Corporation have been working hard to provide opportunities for teachers to learn or gather ideas for ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. Zack and I have had the unique challenge of trying to provide sessions that are applicable to lower Elementary as well as grades two through four. It has been good for Zack and I as well because it has forced us to look for more materials or even just to become more oriented with materials that have previously been discovered. My wife, Michelle Yoder, is even helping with this endeavor as she is sharing her experience with first graders as she has tried to use the iPods for more than just skill and drill. This is exciting for me as I have been an active part in her classroom and have been able to watch the kids use the iPods as learning tools.

Here are some things we will be presenting:
Big Universe - Big Universe is a collection of online books for grade levels k-8. Here the teacher has the ability to assign texts to students and have them take tests to check their comprehension (tests unavailable on iPod/iPad.) Students also have access from home. Take advantage of these excellent materials.

Top Ten Apps:
Must have apps for iPods and iPads. These are apps that will assist you and your students to make good use of the devices in the learning environment. You may want to have these apps already downloaded on your teacher device. Show Me (iPad), Leaf Snap(both), Popplet lite (iPad), Singing fFingers (Both), iMovie (iPad Paid), Videolicious (both), professor garfield (iPad), Story Kit (ipad/ipod), iBooks (both), Discover (Wikipedia iPad),

iPods in the classroom (K-1) – Michelle Yoder. - Young students can use their iPods to create, not just skill and drill. Come listen and share ideas of how you can use Doodle Buddy and Story Kit to publish work. Also learn how to share it with family members to build rapport between the classroom and home.

PDF’s on the iPad/iPod (K-4) – Lance Yoder. - Check out the neu.annotate app. Find out how you can create pdf files on word, send them to students, and have the students fill in their answers using neu.annotate. Students can even store and organize their files on ibooks! Both apps are necessary for this session.

Mini modo - Using Edmodo in the k-4 classroom. We will setup teacher accounts, give some basics for navigation, and give practical ideas for how the website can be used. We will hopefully have time to brainstorm and discuss as teachers how to implement it.