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Let there be Internet

Here we've come to the end of week number two and the students are extremely excited. It was fun having the opportunity to deliver the boxes of iPads and iPods and see their excitement. It was fun to see the excitement of the teachers as well as they have long anticipated the day that the devices would arrive. As I walked the halls of North Side today, I witnessed the new technology being used in numerous classrooms (despite the lack of Internet). Hopefully next week the network issues will be resolved and we can get kids going on email and Internet access. This will really open up the world to them.

Now that Zack and I have gotten through this initial rush of trying to get apps loaded onto the devices, we are now getting to the point where teachers can start scheduling times for us to assist them. We are putting into the works a plan to use YouTube to display various teaching videos for both the students and the teachers. I was thinking it might even be a good idea to create a video on now to connect to the wireless (once it is working) and set up their email accounts to assist teachers in teaching the students. We are also looking into creating some videos on how to use the sync cart because not all staff members were able to come to the training. Not only that, but the big thing can feel a little intimidating especially the first time you sync to it. I was helping Tim Miller today at North Side and his response was, "It's really that easy?"

This week I was also able to post some calendars so that the teachers can schedule when they would like to meet with us. It could be for assisting with a lesson using technology, planning individually or with a group, or even just to load apps until they feel more comfortable. Hopefully I have been an approachable coach. :)