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I'm Obviously Upper-El

Wrong Way

Today I was excited to help 1st graders connect their iPods to the wireless internet. Mrs. Baker at South Side was gracious enough to allow me to come in and assist her. Yesterday, I thought I was such a genius because I had created a video that I thought would help the teachers get their kids connected. Once again...I came to the realization that teaching fourth graders is a much different world than first grade. My video only kept their attention for about 20 seconds, most kids were just playing apps (I know I heard Talking Tom yawn), and I realized just how dull my video really was. (I'm feeling very humbled at the moment.)

Right Way

As the kids are on their iPods doing their own thing anyway and I'm actually trying to tell them how to connect to the wireless, (first grade remember) only a select few can follow me. I am assuming they have experience with these devices at home. I eventually just gave in and let the kids have some free time with the things. Mrs. Baker and I just went around to each one to make sure they were connected. Everyone was content, no one was bored, and everyone was connected. Lesson learned: just let the kids use them, have at least a couple people in there to go through the procedure, and pray the network doesn't crash while you are doing it.

Thanks, Mrs. Baker, for letting me learn this lesson. I seriously appreciate it. :) Lots of respect goes out to all lower elementary teachers. You are a blessing!

1st grader that thought I was cool and wanted his picture taken.

1st grader with iPod